Thai Bucketlist: How Did I do?

You may remember that a few months ago, I went on an amazing trip to Thailand. I created an entire list of activities I would like to participate in and adventures that needed to be had. So then, how did I fare?

  1. Visit a floating market
  2. Visit a skybar
  3. See a Muay Thai fight
  4. Eat a bug
  5. Enjoy a street food tour
  6. Take a Cooking Class
  7. With Locals
  8. Visit an elephant reserve
  9. Visit Tiger Kingdom
  10. Visit Unicorn Café
  11. Visit Hello Kitty Café
  12. Visit and Eat Out in Chinatown
  13. Party on Khao San Road
  14. Try Durian
  15. Ride a scooter, vespa or some other awesome form of transportation
  16. Café hopping in Chiang Mai 

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