The different types of travelers you come across in hostels

So, I have stayed in my fair share of hostels, and I have certainly learned a thing or two. I have seen so many different types of travelers come and go. I discuss them below.

  1. The solo traveler: this one goes without saying. The solo travel often travels by himself or herself. They can easily go on adventures and enjoy wandering the streets and getting lost. This helps them step outside of their comfort zone, make new friends and meet new people. They may not have friends or family willing to travel with them, so they go it alone, and boy do they have quite the experience.
  2. The drunk traveler: this person is loud and obnoxious. When they travel, all they do is go to the bar and get drunk. Then, in spite of the signs and notifications, they return back to the hostel wasted, stumbling over everything, screaming, and ensuring that whoever is in there cannot sleep. They are rude and disrespectful. They are not interested in culture or travel or learning. Rather, they travel, just so they can get drunk. Perhaps just so they can say that they got drunk on another continent.
  3. The Know it all: The person who thinks they know everything about traveling just because they do it a lot. This person is sort of annoying. Scratch that. Incredibly annoying because they have the tendency to talk down to people. They think they are superior to their fellow travel companions.
  4. The workawayer: You know, the person working at the hostel or working bars in exchange for a place to live as they work their way through Europe or work their way  across Asia.
  5. The Long Term Traveler: This person has been traveling for ages, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
  6. The Soul Searcher: Not going to lie. I have been that person. In fact, I have been that person more than once. Basically, picture Eat, Pray, Love. Picture Under the Tuscan Sun. And picture Facing Freedom. This person is searching for something.
  7. The Budget Packer: I think I may also fall into this category. It’s good to budget things out and have a plan. You can still enjoy a good vacation, even if you are on a tight budget.
  8. The Ultimate Planner: So just about as neurotic as I am. The ultimate planner plans everything out down to a T and leaves very little room for error. Every activity is planned out for every day, even meal plans and restaurants to eat at and places to go see and do. But hey, you can’t help but love a colorful itinerary.

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