Honeymoon: What You Want to Know

Hey guys!

So, bae and I are still planning for our honeymoon. We haven’t settled on a place yet. Where we go is entirely contingent on how much money we have saved up.

We have eyed and weighed places such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, and France. My fiancé does not care where we go so long as it is exotic. (Me, sneakily and creepily rubbing my hands together).

So, how much money do we currently have saved? 1, 102.84. Not bad, am I right? I set a goal of $4,000. I mean, I want this to be a great honeymoon. By that I mean, I don’t want to think about money or worry about money. If we want to do it, I want to be able to do it. If there is a tour we like, I want to go on it. If there is a restaurant we like, I want to go there and indulge in the food and all that the country has to offer. I don’t want to worry about the bill or the price tag. After all, we are on vacation.

I figure that we wait until at least May or June, and then see how much money we have, and then base the vacation around that.

I am so excited to let you know which destinations we finally settle on and to begin sharing pictures of them.

$1,1002.00 is not bad.


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