Why I won’t hire someone to plan the honeymoon

Okay. Let’s be frank here. The minute you mention the word “wedding” or “honeymoon” prices automatically soar. It just seems that they go up and up and up. I mean, all you literally have to do is type in “honeymoon packages” into Google or Yahoo and an entire list, endless pages of various vacation and honeymoon packages come up.

Some of them are listed below:

Delta Vacations-Now this one is tempting; especially with all of the extra romantic honeymoon touches. I am all about the champagne, roses and chocolate covered strawberries.
Likuliku Lagoon
Grace Mykonos– Now this one is promising. Especially since bae and I are planning our honeymoon there. Only downside is that it is not open when Bae and I will be visiting.
Copal Tree Lodge
Jade Mountain
Belmond Bali

I mean, these hotels, at least from the pictures, and the packages, they look absolutely stunning. And stunning is good. And the honeymoon package, they are good. If my fiancé and I booked a honeymoon package, it would take away a lot of stress. We would not have to do much planning, we could just book the flights and go. How easy would that be?

Still, there is just a certain something that I love about booking and planning adventures. Most group trips and honeymoon travel is so limiting. It’s hard to create your own time and stray from the crowd. You might not want to do all of the activities on the itinerary in the honeymoon package. At least, if bae and I plan our trip, the following can happen:

  1. It will be more inexpensive
  2. It will be more cost effective
  3. We can stay in a range of accommodations from hotels to poshtels to Air BnB to bed and breakfasts. I have only ever stayed at a bed and breakfast twice, and booth times were incredible. Just the entire atmosphere was amazing.
  4. We can create our own itinerary, build the day around us and go at our own leisure

And the downsides?

  1. More work for us
  2. We go from planning the wedding to planning the honeymoon with not much of a break in between
  3. We have to be much more cautious of the details

Nevertheless, I love event planning and I love trips and vacationing. My fiancé has never traveled and I am so excited for him to travel with me, for us to travel together. I am excited for him to see the world and for him to see the world through my eyes. And I hope that we can do so much more traveling together. There is so much I want to do with him, tell him, share with him and experience with him. And finding new adventures is easier than ever with apps such as Get Your Guide and With Locals. Both apps have taken me on some pretty wild adventures. And I can’t wait to go on many more adventures.

For me, it’s as simple as this. Why hire someone to do what my fiancé and I can do ourselves. Yeah, it may save time, but it also takes some of the fun out of the experience.

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