Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Traveling Sweetheart

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it only fitting to do a post all about what to get for your traveling sweetheart. I mean, forget about the chocolates, all that candy. Too much sugar was never good anyways. Forget about teddy bears and other stuffed animals. You know what! Screw being predictable and take a page out of my handbook.

  1. Priverevaux Sunglasses
    sunglassesAffordable styles for less. Most sunglasses and styles are for about $30.00. These are excellent for beach getaways.
  2. Mom I’m Fine black sweatshirt
  3. Epsom Salts– Because traveling can be rather tiresome and rather stressful
  4. Becoming by Michelle Obama, because, well, it’s Michelle Obama and she is the voice of our generation.
  5. National Geographic’s, 500 Journey’s of a Lifetime. Also, National Geographic takes the best pics. I mean, epic pics.
  6. Keep Calm and Travel Mousepad
  7. Travel Bracelet U.S. Map Charm
  8. May Angels Fly With You Bracelet
  9. Let’s go on an adventure wanderlust bracelet
  10. World Map Challenge Accepted Hoodie
  11. This small Osprey Day Pack carried at REI
  12. Roadtripper Duffel by REI
  13. This great travel liner
  14. Daylight shoulder sling bag
  15. Down Puffy blanket– doesn’t it just look warm?
  16. Silk stretch liner

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