How to avoid becoming another annoying American Traveler

Okay. Not going to lie. We have all been there, and we have all done that annoying American traveler thing. Well, here I have a few tips on how to not be that annoying traveler while traveling abroad. Do not piss off foreigners. Some tips for you just below.

  1. Be polite! I cannot stress this one enough. If you would not do something in your country, why would you do it in someone else’s? Say please. Say thank you and just generally be appreciative.
  2. Don’t expect everyone to speak English. This is a common misconception that I get from a lot of Americans and people traveling abroad. No matter where they are traveling, they assume that everyone speaks English. Honestly, you are more likely to run across English speakers in Europe than you are anywhere else in the world. But you do have to remember that you are in their country, not the other way around. Stop being so senile. They do not have to speak English. It is not their responsibility to speak English and you should stop getting angry if they don’t.
  3. You do not try to learn a few basic phrases before you go. This is always important. I mean, come on…at least learn to say “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” Maybe you can learn to ask where the bathroom is. All important things.
  4. Try and learn a little bit about the culture. Culture is so important. History, the history behind a place. I for one love to travel and learn about history and culture and have once in a lifetime experiences. I do not like to stick around other Americans or get experiences that I can only have in the U.S. I like to stretch my roots and see where the world takes me. Thoughts?
  5. Don’t where jeans or a baseball cap that basically scream “I AM AMERICAN!!” No, no.

    IMG-3651 (1)

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