8 Ways to Know You Have Become Culturally Portuguese

  1. Espresso is your thing. Okay, so I know the saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, what about when in Portugal? In Lisbon? Portugal may very well give Italy a run for their money when it comes to coffee and espresso. Portugal is a close neck behind in the way that they consume their espresso. Any café that you walk into in Portugal is bound to have espresso that you can consume with any of the breakfast items or desserts they serve. And of course, you can request sugar to mix with it.

    2. Pasteis de Nata have become your favorite food and go to snack. I would not be surprised. They are absolutely delicious and tasty. You can find them in almost any café or bakery. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I even took a baking class where I got to try these delicacies and they were everything.

    3. You love the good shrimp and garlic. The shrimp and garlic is so tasty. I love shrimp. I love garlic. Why not combine the two and have them together. You will learn very quickly that shrimp and garlic is eaten pretty regularly and on almost every menu that you will find in Portugal. Just the way the flavors in the dishes are layered. Everything and more. If you want good food, Portugal is one of the places to go to get it.

    4. Tapas, tapas, tapas. Tapas here give Spain a run for their money. You can have chorizo, or other different options depending on where you go. No matter where you go, however, you will not regret indulging in these tasty dishes.

    5. The Cheese. The cheese is right up there with France and Spain. So many choice and options, and it is ever so tasty and pairs great with various wines, and of course, Port. I tell you one thing: eating cheese in Portugal is a must try. You do not want to leave Portugal without trying their endless cheese options. This is one thing you will not regret, and one thing that the locals absolutely love.

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    6. The Port. The Port is everything and can be found in almost any restaurant. It’s great with dessert. However, it is rather strong. Tread carefully and proceed with caution when consuming this.
    7. You spend your summers at the beach. With the temperatures soaring in the summer time, it is no surprise to find many locals at the beach.

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