Avoid Becoming a Target of Thieves While Traveling

I am always so paranoid while traveling. A little paranoia is good, but not too much. You do not want to be so concerned that you forget to enjoy yourself and have a good time. However, you still want to take extra levels of precaution. While getting robbed or being a victim of petty theft abroad has not happened to me…yet (knock on wood) it has happened to people I know, and just because it has not happened to me yet does not mean that it can’t. I still take extra measures to limit what can and can’t happen.

  1. First, traveling with a fanny pack is a great idea. Amazon offers a wide range of fanny packs.
  2. Anything by TravelOn. TravelOn is one of my favorite companies, and one of my go-to’s when I want anything travel related that can offer me protection from thieves. They have everything from RFID protectors, to neck wallets, to bra wallets. When I want to feel safe and like all of my belongings are secure, I turn to TravelOn for all my anti-theft travel needs.
  3. I limit the amount of cash that I bring. If you loose cash, you loose it. It’s gone. Can’t be replaced.
  4. If I must bring cash, I either place it in my neck wallet, only travel with small amounts, or use a safety pin to secure it and fasten it to my jeans.
  5. I never take out my cash in crowded places, as to not draw attention to myself.
  6. I leave big ticket items and items worth a lot of value at home, again, to avoid drawing attention to myself.
  7. If possible, avoid crowded places and touristy spots.
  8. Lastly, I try to avoid looking like a tourist, and avoid taking out a map in public places.

Have anything to add to the list, please let me know. And it may turn up here.

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