Bridal Trousseau New Haven

I have literally been running around from bridal shop to bridal shop to find that perfect dress. For those of you who have been a long for that ride, you know by now how frustrating that must be. Oh yeah. Extremely. I have so far written quite a few reviews on the bridal shops that I have visited so far. Sometimes, it is the smallest things that make all the difference. IMG-3690

The only thing missing from the above picture is Champagne, don’t you think? It was so nice to have a little gesture, this section with the reserved sign on it for me. I felt as if I were being treated like a princess.


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What do you guys think of the above selection of dresses? I felt so fancy. Bridal Trousseau is a lovely boutique in New Haven, Connecticut. The staff is very friendly and professional and they have a lovely selection of dresses. They treat you like a queen. Even though I did not end up saying yes to one of their dresses, I would still highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dress for their special day.

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