My Wedding Skin Care Regimen

With just over a year to go until the big day, I have already begun my skin care regimen. For years, and I mean years, since grade school, I have struggled with skin care, skin care maintenance and healthy skin. Unlike others, I actually struggle with black heads, pimples and dry skin; especially in winter, my skin gets super dry. It is also difficult for me to find good skin care products that work for me, and that are smooth and soft and not too harsh on my skin. I need something that rejuvenates and moisturizes my skin cells and brings them back to life.

I also suffer from scratching, if that can even be a thing. And I mean I scratch and scratch and scratch a lot. I pick at my skin. A lot of the cause of that is from anxiety and stress, but then I end up with scabs and all that jazz along my skin. Of course, for the big day, I do not want to walk around with scabs and scars across my face, so I have been working really hard to improve the overall health of my skin. So what are my beauty secrets and what products to I swear by? Read on for me.

  1. Water. Drink lots and lots of water. It is no secret that water is good for the body, but it is especially good for the skin and skin health.
  2. Get lots of sleep. Again, not a secret, but it is amazing how this is not really observed.

IMG-40263) Lush Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands like ever. Not to mention they do not do any sort of animal testing of any kind. After using their products, my skin just feels better, and healthier. One of my favorite products is there Mask of Magnaminty . My skin feels light and refreshed after using it. It’s a deep cleansing minty scrub that scrubs away all that dirt and sweat and clears and opens up your pores. It is not harsh or abusive on the skin and does a great job exfoliating and calms and soothes redness. I am also a fan of their tea tree water. No other product has brought my skin back to life the way this one has. It is cleansing and alcohol free and you can practically feel your skin jump back into shape, beginning with first use. I am also a fan of their lip scrubs. I keep this one on hand at all times. This helps make your lips kissable and lip smacking soft before applying Chapstick or lip gloss.

4) I also utilize home made body scrubs, great for the face and skin. This will usually feature olive oil or coconut oil, two products that are great for the skin, along with a fragrance, and of course that sugar base. Plus, it saves you money. Why go out and purchase what you can make at home? You can find so many recipes for a good old fashioned body scrub at home with a simple Google search or by utilizing Pinterest.


How about you? You tell me what your favorite products are and how you keep your skin clear and clean and healthy and give it that extra pop so that it shines?

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