My Top Travel Moments of 2018

Hey guys! As 2018 draws to a close, I wanted to share with you some of my top and favorite travel moments. 2018 was an unforgettable year for the books, and 2019 promises to be just as exciting. I mean, the past few years of my life have been amazing.


Well, we can’t forget hang gliding. So, I suffered a little bit from disorientation, nevertheless the experience was incredible (in spite of my fear of heights) and I am so glad I got to experience what it was like to truly fly like a bird. The only thing was the wind in my ears. That’s the Connecticut river that you see in the background. This adventure was courtesy of Morningside flight park. I will definitely be going hang gliding again.

IMG-3651 (1)

Taking in the views of a Lisbon sky bar. I have only been to Lisbon once, but let me just say, the views that you get from the sky bars are absolutely breath taking. I visited a Lisbon sky bar on my last day in Lisbon, and it was everything. While sky bars are understandably pricey, the views are so worth it. This bar sent me home with memories to last a lifetime.


Taking in the beautiful sights, colors and sounds of the Alfama district in Portugal. I love Portugal. It quickly became one of my top favorite countries I have ever traveled to. My only regret is not being able to see more of it. The food, the people, the culture. The espresso? Huh? It is a close second to my absolute favorite country, Italy. I love Italy too. And can’t wait until I return. There are still so many cities in Italy that I would love to see, such as Sicily and Cinque Terre.


Climbing up a ridiculous amount of steps to visit this palace in Sintra. I did not realize how out of shape I was until I had to climb up this thing. Also, it was a very hot day.

Taking a cooking class at May Kaidee Cooking School in Bangkok. Every article and blog I read said that a cooking school in Bangkok is a must. In fact, I have become pretty apt and interested in taking cooking lessons abroad. I even did one in Portugal. To me, it is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures.


Hanging out with a tiger at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. According to many travel blogs and articles that I read prior to leaving for my trip to Thailand, visiting the Tiger Kingdom was one of the top things to do. This experience was a little bit of a blur, because I was shaking in my boots the whole time. But looking at the pictures, you can’t even tell. Thank goodness. And I agree with every travel blog I read regarding this adventure. Everyone should try it at least once in their life. So, there you go. Have at it.


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Visit the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. This was another one of those life changing experiences that I am so glad and blessed that I had the opportunity to experience. I truly recommend spending some time here and getting to know the elephants, and assisting in feeding them. It is so worth the trip (in spite of the hot sun)

IMG-6579 (1)

Having Vietnamese coffee in Vietnam. Okay, so not as in your face as a lot of the other adventures I have discussed on here, but still pretty awesome. I mean, how many people can say that they got a Vietnamese coffee in Vietnam? Seriously.


Attempting to try scorpion on Khao San Road in Thailand. Seriously, I gave it a real effort. Thank you very much.


Taking in breathtaking views from the Bitexco tower in Ho Chi Minh City.


Earning a certificate from my cooking class at the Vietnam Cookery Center. 



My first time riding a Vespa with Vespa Adventures. This trip took me through the Mekong Delta. I got to ride through rice paddies, see how incense was made and more.


Soaking up the beautiful sun in Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal.


Visiting Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland.


Enjoying the gorgeous Newport Harbor Walk in Newport, Rhode Island. I do annual trips to Newport and I have to say it is one of my favorite locations. It is so calm and tranquil and peaceful. I could spend days upon days here.


Enjoying the coastal wine trail. As you may recall, I am a fan of wine and regularly can be found enjoying some wine and cheese along both the Connecticut Wine Trail and the Coastal Wine Trail. The picture above is from Newport Vineyards.


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