Mariella Creations

The last of the bridal shops I went too. As you remember from an earlier post, I found my dress. The dress to end all dresses at The Wedding Dress in Portland, CT. I did not even need to look any further. I could tell that I found the dress the minute everything I saw there after failed to live up to “the dress.” Everything else after had to be as good, if not better than the dress that I fell in love with. Still, before making any type of purchase, I wanted to try on a few more dresses. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. Choosing the right dress to me is a craft. It is an art form. To me, it is a centerpiece.

Still, I tried on some dresses at Mariella Creations, a store located across the street from where I work. My fiances mother, sister and niece as well as my mother came with while I tried on the dresses. They thought I looked great in most of the dresses I tried on, with the exception of one that made me look rather matronly. My fiances mother brought me a bottle of wine. White wine.

The dresses, they were lovely–for somebody else. None of the dresses at Mariella’s were really for me, although I thought they would look fantastic on somebody else.

Other than not finding “the one” at Mariella’s, the staff was every so friendly and our stylist had so much knowledge, was so great and was so easy to work with. I could have not asked for a better stylist to help create a wedding look for me. It’s unfortunate that I just did not find a dress that called to me. But, take a look at the pictures below and give me your thoughts on what you think of the below dresses:



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