The Wedding Dress-Portland, CT

The Wedding Dress in Portland. I must have tried on hundreds of wedding dresses. It’s exhausting. I found what I liked and didn’t. Some stuff was in my price range and other items not so much. But when you know you know. I discovered cute little boutique shops and realized how much I loved the boutique bridal shops. I fell in love with some of the bridal boutiques I visited and many of the stylists were great, specifically at The Wedding Dress in Portland. She knew exactly what types of dresses I would like, what worked with my style. It was great, and she made it quite the experience.

The dresses at the little boutique in Portland were stunning and breathtaking and made me feel absolutely like Cinderella.


It’s your dress. Your wedding day. The dress I ended up selecting, can you spot it in the above selection? The dress I ended up selecting was my choice and my choice alone. When you shop for a wedding dress, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Find that dress that you have been dreaming about. Find a dress that makes you feel like Cinderella. Find the dress that creates a light around you where you can see the difference and you just glow. That dress that you can’t stop thinking about. When I tried on some of these dresses, it was as if I were completely transformed.

Please note, that The Wedding Dress is by appointment only.

At The Wedding Dress, I was able to try on styles that truly complimented my body type. The customer service was excellent. I also learned that many dress designers discontinue styles in October, so it helps to go back in early October to get that dress that you want.

Also, it helps to try many many dresses, many styles, many shapes and many types. Long dresses, short dresses, dresses with lace and embroidery. Plain dresses, V-necks, off shoulder, spaghetti straps, sweetheart necklines, fitted, mermaid and ballgowns. Try every style and every type to see what you look good in. The first dress you tried on that you fell in love with may not be the one that you end up going home with.


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