2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Hi all! Whew…I am back from Asia. What an adventure, I’ll say that much. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a while before getting updates and tips and suggestions and hearing all about that trip. In the meantime, I am slowly starting to post videos of the trip to my YouTube Channel, you can visit The Frugal Expat on YouTube. I can’t wait for you to see all of the content that I have been working on. 

The holidays are right around the corner, so I thought that now would be the perfect time to work on a 2018 holiday gift guide. Why not start preparing and doing all of that last minute holiday shopping? 
Color Map Mugs1) I am all about these color map mugs by Uncommon Goods. You can reminisce about your vacation or plot your next travels with this color it yourself map mug. 
teaset2) This tea set by Uncommon Goods allows you to sample ten teas from around the world. Perfect for any of my tea lovers out there. Price: $55.00. 

nuts3) And what about these nuts? This around the world spicy not collection from Uncommon Goods gives us all the feels. For only $35.00, you can try the Mexico Hot Chocolate or the Thai coconut curry. This has got all the fixings. 


4) Simply cannot get over this scratch map by Uncommon Goods for only $26.00-$40.00. Scratch off where you have been or where you would like to go. A great way to keep track of all of your adventures. Talk about fun!!!

etched wine glasses

5) Great way to serve cocktails or sip on wine. For the travel lover in your life, why not purchase an etched wine glass from Uncommon Goods. With a wide selection of cities to choose from, from Boston to Atlanta, it is sure to be a home run. Only $24.00. 

Black travel box

6) This Black Travel Box starter kit comes complete with a conditioner bar, hair balm, body balm and lip balm. Perfect for carry on and covering all the basic travel necessities.  

beige backpack

7) Surely you must know by now how much I love and adore Shay Mitchell. She is the most inspiring person ever, and I am all about her new inexpensive travel line, such as this backpack in beige for only $78.00. This just goes to show that you don’t have to break the bank to get cute and practical travel items. Her line Beis is everything. 


8) Can we stop for a minute and just admire this awesome duffle bag, with separate compartment by Shay Mitchell of Beis? Cost is only $83.00 and your purchase will support the Girl Up campaign.  

scarf with pocket9) Scarf with hidden pocket. Only $45.00. Keep your money, cash, passport. Affordable, convenient, practical, fashionable and cute. Available on Amazon. Click to buy now. Available in multiple colors. 

the raven

10) I am all about unique, different and creative finds. And this one is perfect for readers, those bookworms and travelers alike. Edgar Allan Poes, The Raven. And in scarf form. For only $48.00, you can purchase now on Amazon. You can even get an Alice in Wonderland Scarf, among others. The selection is infinite. 
microfiber towel

11) I love my microfiber towel. It will forever be one of the best purchases that I have ever made. Easy to pack. Quick dry. Absorbent. You can buy yours on Amazon now. Multiple colors available. 

adapter12) A Universal Adapter. I love my adapter. Works all over the world. You can purchase yours on Amazon. Never have your battery go low again. 

try the world

13) Try the World. Perfect for those foodies who love to travel and eat and travel and eat. Choose your plan, receive your packages and experience new cultures and cuisines. Maybe you don’t have to travel all the way to China or Singapore to get a small taste. Sometimes the taste can come straight to you. 


14) Make your home anywhere. Airbnb gift card can be purchased on Amazon. 

gold cosmetics

15) 100 % here for this gold cosmetics bag by PaperSource. Perfect for your favorite travel essentials from mascara to lip gloss to blush. 

jewelry kit

16) This jewelry kit is perfect. Compartments for the essentials. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. You can purchase yours now from PaperSource for only 29.95. 

travel kit17) Try out this travel kit. All the essentials. Ear buds. Mini comb. Hand cleaner. Sanitizer and more. Available at PaperSource for only $26.95. Buy it now!


18) Keep your skin hydrated and feeling refreshed after those long flights with dry air by using one of the facial mists by World Market.  Just because you are flying does not mean that your skin can’t stay healthy. Keep it crisp, tight and refreshed with these facial mists. 

Deco shimmer

19) Deco shimmer by World Market. Just because you are on an hours long plane flight does not mean that you can’t look your best. That you can’t sparkle and make it shine. Make a statement the moment you get off of that plane. You can always be kissable. 


20) Faux fur blush slippers for $19.99 by World Market. Be comfortable no matter where you travel to.


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