Bridal Fittings at Macy’s NYC

I happen to be in New York for Rose Wine Mansion a few months back. While there, my mother and I figured that we would pop in to Macy’s in New York City to take a look at a couple bridal gowns if they had any availability or could fit us in. I took a look at a few of their gowns, they were able to fit us in, and truth be told, none of the dresses really did anything to me, and their simply was no sparkle in my eye. None of the dresses I tried on really called to me. None of them screamed that they were the one. They simply did not do anything for me. This was Macy’s for crying out loud. I would have thought they would have better dresses.

Not to mention, I was also not a fan of their services and their customer service. The lady that was with me kept yelling how I had to have a budget. I had to have a budget. Yes, I get that I need a budget, but I am still working on it. If I find a dress that is over my budget by a thousand dollars, but it is the one, why shouldn’t I get it? If it calls to me, if I love it, if it speaks to me and I think that it’s the one, why not go for it? Not to mention, the lady that was helping me was rather elderly, and did not strike me as someone who really knew my tastes, style, likes, dislikes and what dresses would look good on my body. She pulled a bunch of dresses that I hated. Colors and styles that I did not like. Mind you, that is not to say that the dresses are not beautiful. Some of them were quite lovely, for somebody else….

IMG-3894IMG-3899IMG-3900IMG-3905IMG-3908 (1)IMG-3908

Okay, of the dresses, the last one is my favorite, and it looked nice. It actually had a corseted back. That was a nice touch. My mom thinks that I have already made up my mind about a dress. I think I have found the dress and now nothing seems to add up to it. Every dress I see now, I am blinded by and I keep saying no now. I am sure their are thousands of dresses out there that would look good on me. I will keep finding other dresses I like, some that cause the sparkle in my eye. I love sweetheart necklines, corseted backs, strapless, spaghetti straps. Gorgeous to say the least. I also like off the shoulder dresses.

I do appreciate Macy’s fitting me into their schedule seeing as how I did not have an appointment. Nevertheless, I just could not say yes to a dress here. My experience was less than stellar and the dress selection was disappointing.


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