Instagrammable Portugal




Hey there. I went on a hunt for some of the most Instagrammable and Instagram worthy places in Portugal. And here is just some of what I found. These are just my top ones, because of course, Portugal in its entirety is gorgeous and beautiful and full of so much culture, history and richness.


IMG-3465 (1)Alfama, The two above pictures are from one of my favorite places in the whole of Lisbon. I loved looking out and seeing the ocean in the distance. I loved exploring the winding roads, and I especially loved the church in the background and the red clay tile roofs. The architecture is one of my favorite things about continental Europe.


And then this monastery. I did not go inside. I actually arrived rather early. But I enjoyed taking photographs of it. The building was stunning.


IMG-3540This above picture is a view of downtown Cascais. The unique buildings, the cobblestone roads, the quaint little shops. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic and worth exploring.


And this view of the beach of Cascais. Absolutely stunning. Clear blue waters, warm sand. There was truly nothing that I enjoyed more than running my feet and hands through this warm sand. IMG-3613This. Just this. Sintra. Sintra was so worth the day trip. I was all about this pop of colors. And not to mention, the stunning view.


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  1. I miss Portugal so much! Can’t wait to get back there and visit other cities as last time I stayed in the north with family. Thanks for sharing Sintra!

    1. For sure. I miss Portugal myself. I’ll have to get back there real soon. My only regret is not having more time. I would have loved to see Porto and other parts of the country. Such a beautiful place.

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