How to get the most cultural experience while traveling…

Hey there. There are so many different types of trips and adventures that you can have while traveling, whether you are traveling solo, traveling by yourself, traveling with friends or a significant other or with kids. You can simply create many different focal aspects for your trip. If you are into cooking, you might want to focus your trip around culinary arts and cooking schools. If you are into art, you might want to visit places such as Rome and visit many museums. If you are into architecture, Rome and Athens might be good places and you could create trips around that. If you are into wine and cheese, Italy, Spain and France might be places that you look into visiting. You can really cater to any type of trip that might interest you.

To get the most cultural experience out of a trip if you seek to do a culturist vacation, here are some of my suggestions.

  1. Consider taking a cooking class or two or three. There are so many cooking classes offered in various countries around the world. What better way than to understand a country than through their cuisine. Below are a list of some cooking classes around the world:
    1. Cooking Lisbon
    2. May Kaidee in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
    3. Ho Chi Minh Cooking Classes
    4. Cooking Classes in Rome
    5. Cooking Classes in Paris
    6. Cooking classes in Morocco
  2. Consider going on a market tour
    1. Doing a market tour or a foodie tour is a great way to learn about the culture of another country. Check out this Time Out Lisboa market in Lisbon. Many popular restaurants have stands their. You can try all the food and all the drinks. Basically just go through and sample.
  3. Try staying at a Homestay
    1. Homestays are a great way to experience other cultures, whether it is through language, food, tours. Studentessa Matta offers homestays in various parts of Italy. Great opportunity for cultural immersion. Some of her tours include language classes, walking tours, cooking classes, visiting artisan shops, museums and more.
  4. Try a tour with WithLocals.
    1. I have not used them yet. But they are certainly on my list. WithLocals allows you to find things to do and go on food tours with locals to the country you are visiting.

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