Dress Fitting with Modern Trousseau Couture





One of my favorite stops on the dress fitting tour was with Modern Trousseau of New Haven. All their dresses are custom and they make them in house out of their Woodbridge facility. The staff was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and friendly. It was such a warm and welcoming and friendly environment.  The lady that helped me was so great. She knew exactly what I liked and what styles worked well for me and framed my body nicely. I was quite pleased. The majority of dresses she pulled were so lovely and things that I might have pulled for myself.

I’ll be honest, their were one or two (including the very first image of this post) that I was unsure of until she added an extra beaded piece and then added the veil and it all just pulled the entire dress together. Of all the dresses that I have tried on, it was the first that caused a huge smile across my face. I have never been so happy. It caused me to glow and just absolutely light up. I was in awe and absolutely out of breath after seeing myself in the dress. And it is safe to say that my friend who accompanied me agreed.

Special thank you to the staff and team at Modern Trousseau for helping and assisting me.


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  1. They were all incredible dresses! The lacy one with the mermaid shape was especially flattering. Fun post!

    1. Thanks so much. Love the feedback 🙂

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