Portugal: These are a few of my favorite things



  1. The cheese. I have always been all about cheese, and I love all cheeses. Creamy cheeses, hard cheeses, mild cheeses. In fact you could do an entire tour or multiple tours in Portugal just based on their cheeses. I certainly went around and tried different cheeses.

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    2) The food. The food was absolutely incredible. I do not think that I had one bad meal while I was in Portugal. And I tried everything. If it was edible, it went in my body. I had everything from prawns to steak with eggs to homemade chips. The food was simply genius.
    IMG-3554IMG-35613) The sky bars. I promised myself that I would not leave Portugal without going to one of the Sky bars. There are sky bars all over the city that are worth visiting if you have the chance. Because Lisbon sits on seven hills, when you are at the sky bar, you have the opportunity to enjoy great food, unique drinks and take in the breathtaking views of Lisbon.

    4) The architecture is stunning and will take your breath away. IMG-36135) The chorizo. Portugal is known for its chorizo and so you have to try it at least once while you are there. You have to try all the chorizo. IMG-34806) The adventures. Portugal is full of them–whether it’s exploring Alfama, Graca, the Tram 28, the little boutique shops, or wandering around town or taking day trips, their is never a dry day in Portugal. It is such a beautiful place and you can always find something to do, whether or not you are headed to the zoo or to the aquarium.


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