How Instagram Has Influenced Where I have Chosen to Travel

Let’s be honest. Instagram is such a magical place. Instagram, on more occasion than one has inspired me and played a huge factor in my decision to travel to many of the destinations that I have traveled too. I just love scrolling through various images of far off and exotic locations. My trip to Iceland was planned in large part because of images I saw on the gram. I loved seeing the Icebergs and the Blue Lagoon and pictures of the Northern Lights were stunning.

Pictures that I saw on Instagram of people skydiving quickly added it to the list of things that I would love to try. People looked like they were having such a blast and made skydiving look absolutely fun. I wanted to be fearless just like them.

Seeing the blues and the colors of down under, and seeing images of Africa and all the adventures make those locations look so exotic and make me want to travel to them more.

Pictures of Lisbon on Instagram made Portugal look like such an amazing place. It almost reminded me of Italy. So, naturally, I had to go. I had to pay a visit; if for more than just the food, I am a sucker for glorious landscapes. And, all the pictures that I saw of Lisbon, while beautiful did not do the city justice. You have to see Lisbon in person. The colors pop, the architecture is unique and incredible. There is nothing like it. In fact, I had gorgeous weather every single time that I was there. The city for all intents and purposes is colorful and brilliant really. I believe that everyone should visit Portugal at least once. Lisbon was better than the pictures and better than I could have ever imagined.

The picture below of Bangkok makes the city look so bright and energetic and exciting and engaging. From stories I have read, some people seem to think that Bangkok is so busy and overwhelming for first time visitors. I could see that. Still, I thrive on adventure and new experiences.

And the pictures of Santorini in Greece. Goodness. Those pictures make me want to go there most of all. Some destinations are so gorgeous and picturesque that it is hard to believe that they are even real. It seems as if they have come straight out of a dream. Santorini seems enjoyable as a solo adventure, a girls adventure, or even as a romantic getaway. I can’t wait until the day I get to visit the Island, as well as many other Greek Islands. I would love to Island hop and travel to the Greek Isles. Below are just some of the pictures that have me itching to visit some of these places. It is so easy to be influenced by what you see on Instagram. Comment below and let me know your thoughts and how you are influenced on Instagram by where you travel and would like to travel.

Here are just some of the ways and tools that I use Instagram to help me select where I am traveling to next:

  1. Is the place vibrant and colorful? I love big pops of color.
  2. What is the architecture like?
  3. And the scenery? I am a sucker for gorgeous views. It may be the beach, the forest, a castle.
  4. Adventures. What types of adventures can we have? Can we go hang gliding? Skydiving? Volcano boarding? Shark Cage diving? Cooking classes? What can we do that is interesting and unique and different that you can’t do other places. How can I truly experience another culture and place and get the most out of the vacation?
  5. What are other people saying about the destination?
  6. And what about its cost?

These are all very important questions that should be asked.




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