Ginjinha You Ever Had

I’ll be honest, I do quite like port. However, port is rather strong for my taste. It does taste rather nice with cheese and chorizo, and in fact, I had it with my cheese and chorizo. Still, I am typically more partial to sweeter drinks, that smell nice and taste nice, perhaps a bit fruity and have a rather light flavor. That is when, one of the waiters offered to let me try some Ginjinha. And it was magnificent.

Ginjinha is one of the best things that I have ever tasted and so suited for my palate. If you are not familiar, it is a liqueur that is made using Ginja berries. It is typically served in shot form and is very popular in Lisbon, as well as other parts of Portugal. In many regions of Lisbon, there are several producers of this drink.

And much like Porto, it pairs nicely with chorizo, and certainly helps cut back on that salt, and also pairs nicely with many cheeses. Well, at least the cheeses that I tried. So, I leave you with this…if you have not tried Ginja, I suggest doing so at once. It is the perfect alternative to Port.


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