Dress Fitting with David’s Bridal

IMG-3142One of my first fittings for bridal gowns was with David’s Bridal. I visited the store in Manchester, CT. They are inexpensive and more suited to my budget. I must have tried on 8 or 9 dresses their. A lovely consultant and sales associate grabbed the dresses that caught my eye, and I tried them on as one of my oldest and dearest friends watched.

IMG-3134As I tried on the dresses, I began to see and realize what I liked, what I did not like, and what did and did not work with my body type. At first, when I walked into the dress store, based off of what I have seen and liked on Pinterest, among other things, I thought that I would like ball gown style dresses, lace and long sleeved dresses. I did not want skinny strap dresses or strapless dresses.


As I tried on dresses, I began to get to know myself a little bit more. I began to realize that ball gown dresses did not work with my body type. I am rather short and have a pudgy tummy. I get lost in the ball gown dresses. I also discovered that I like more classy, simple and elegant. It is more suited for my style than all of this intricate stuff.

IMG-3135The best part of trying on dresses was coming out and seeing peoples faces. It was magical. And it was also exciting to see how I looked in the dresses. It was so surreal. Catherine gets married, can you believe it? I will say, however, it was so easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted. David’s Bridal even has a wedding dress finder. They even took down the dress that I liked, and added it to my profile.

Special thank you to the staff and team at David’s Bridal in Manchester, CT. They were so helpful and knowledgeable when it came to pulling dresses and explaining their looks to me. The store has such a huge inventory. Thank you all and I am so excited to take you on my wedding journey with me, from the planning and preparations to the dress, venue, cake and photographer selections. I am so excited.


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