Let’s Learn Languages: Basic Thai Greetings to get you by in Thailand

Whenever I am traveling, I always make it my mission to learn a few words from the local language wherever I go. I try to incorporate it the best I can. Sometimes the locals take pity on me, but, nevertheless, they appreciate the effort. Additionally, it allows me to get more out of the trip and another insight into the culture of the place that I am heading too. I have started learning a little bit of Thai using the Learn Thai app, and here are just some of the few greetings that I have learned, that I wanted to share with you. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, try some of these words on for size.

Sa wad dee krap: Hello/Hi

Ra dtree sa wad: Good night

Khun sa bai dee mai krap: How are you?

Pom sa bai dee krap: I’m fine

Pom mai koi sa bai krap: I’m not well

Khun chue aria krap: What’s your name?

Pom chue: My name is…

Diew jer gan na krap: See you later

Laew khun la krap: What about you?

Laa gon krap: Goodbye

Bye krap: Bye

Chok dee na krap: Good luck

Doo lae dtua eang na krap: Take care

Yin dee tee dai roo jak krap: Nice to meet you

Mai dai jer gan nan leoy na: It’s been a while

Khun pood pa sa ang grid dai mai krap: Can you speak English?

Pom pood tai dai nid noi krap: I can speak Thai a little

Pom Pood tai mai dai krap: I can’t speak Thai

Pom ma jaak pra ted: I’m From

Khun at yu tao rai krap: How old are you?

Pom at yu (sam sib) bpee krap: I’m (30) years old

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