Chamard Vineyards: A Review


Farm. Winery and Bistro. Location: Clinton, CT. Clinton is a classic New England town, located right on the shoreline. I loved the architecture of this facility. Chamard is one of the vineyards on the Connecticut Wine Trail and is worth a visit too.

I was quite impressed with the wines. Below are some of the wines that I tasted.

I will say that I am not a fan of rose. Rose has never been one of my favorite wines. It is just far too sweet for me, and that is not exactly my cup of tea.

I have always been more partial to red wines. Even in summer. Yes, white wine, Riesling and Chardonay’s are all summer drinks, but I still prefer a good, full bodied red wine over anything else.

And the Syrah, the 2015 Syrah was absolutely wonderful. It was just as described, rich, full bodied, and distinctive flavors of wild black fruit and pepper spice. The Syrah would pair nicely with cheese, fish and chicken, and stews. Items with those rich flavors.


I will certainly visit Chamard again.


One thing that I did not get to do while I was visiting Chamard is to visit the bistro. I mean, I took one look at their mouth watering cheese platter, and I was sold. The food that was coming out of that place looked so appetizing. So, just because I had the misfortune of not tasting it, does not mean you should. Go for it!

Let me know what you think.



Clinton, CT


Chamard Vineyards 


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