Budget Travel Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea

Hello there. So, I have an official cost breakdown of my trip to Thailand. I plan to be in Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam for a total of Sixteen days. I have read various blogs and scoured websites when it came to creating a budget and finding a cost of travel for my pending trip to Southeast Asia.

This especially came about when my mother challenged me to figure out how much this entire trip cost. I really did not know. I had an argument with my mother that I could create and budget for this trip, far less than any travel agency or group travel company would charge. That pretty much settled it, and I sat down and figured out that entire budget. I took a look at everything I paid to date, as of this post, and everything that I have yet to spend or account for. It was rather awakening. Take a look below:

EVA Airlines (One Way): $418.00

12Go Asia: $28.99

Air Asia: $175.00 one way

Thunderbird Hostel: 1200 Thai Baht or $36.00 for 4 nights

Elephant Nature Park: 2500 Thai Baht or $75.41 USD

Common Room Saigon: 63 USD

Delta Airlines: 606.11 USD

May Kaidee Cooking School: $45.00

World Nomads: $93.00

Typhoid Vaccine: $180.00

Microfiber Towel: 13.99 USD

Travelon Body Wash: 4.29

Travelon Shampoo and Laundry Detergent: $5.07 USD each

First Aid: $11.58

Bodyguard Alarm: $11.99

Travel Sheet: $24.00 USD

Potable Aqua: $9.49

Brita Bottle: $20.28 USD

Items not yet accounted for or paid for: 

Muay Thai Fight: 30 USD

Tiger Kingdom: 1369 Thai Baht or $41.30 USD

BTS: 15 trips-375 baht or 11.31 USD

Floating market and second class in Vietnam TBD

TUK TUK and Taxis TBD

Cooking Class Saigon: 39.50 USD or 869.00 VND

Visa on Arrival: $25.00

Cost of accommodation in South Korea: TBD

Food: Approx. $400.oo USD

So what then is the total cost of this just over two week trip?

The total cost of that trip is: $2,452.98 USD.

Yes, I have that cost figured out to a T.

What’s great about this is that I can go at my leisure, live on my own time and make the trip according to my schedule. It’s fantastic. I am trying not to overbook my schedule because I do want to partake in some of the activities offered by the hostels, as well as get to know some of the other guests staying at the hostel.

When it comes to travel agencies, often times they are on such a tight schedule and it is go, go, go. If you change the location of the airport you are flying out of and start adding on “additional tours” the cost of group travel or working with a travel agency can certainly add up. And let’s not forget, part of the cost of working with a travel agency comes from the fact that they do everything for you. They book all the flights, set up the tours, create the itineraries. It’s a small price to pay for a stress free journey.

Still, when it comes to making the most of your trip, and doing what you want to do, it’s important to factor in costs, and realize that these are activities that might not be offered by a travel agency.

Please let me know if you have any questions on saving money, getting deals and booking a trip and creating an itinerary in the comment section.


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