Octagon @ Mystic Marriott

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I have been to Octagon at the Mystic Marriott on more than one occasion. It is one of my favorite restaurants for hotel food. Normally, I am not a fan of hotel food. It just seems that they do not put in the same amount of love into their food that other restaurants do.

But the Octagon at the Mystic Marriott has yet to present me with a dish that dissapoints.  See the slide show above. If you remember my love of seafood. Scallops, it truly is hard to do a poor job on scallops. They cook quickly, they are simple; this is probably why so many chefs love them and include them on their menus. And then the following dish, with the noodles and the fish on top. Probably not what I would think of if I were cooking. But I was pleasantly surprised.

And can we talk about the dessert for a moment here? Creme brule, so simple, yet elegant and precise. The best part of the creme brule of course is the brule. I love that crunch that comes from pushing that spoon into the brule crust and then scooping up some of that burnt sugar and cream.

So, my advice, if you are ever in the Mystic area of Clinton areas or Stonington areas of Connecticut, it might be worth making that quick trip down to Octagon.

Restaurant Rating: 5 stars




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