Ford’s Lobster: A Review


This is only the second time that I have been to Ford’s Lobster. It will forever hold a special place in my heart. And the story of how they went from lobster cart to this Lobster house, open year round on the waterfront in Noank, CT is incredible.

You can find out more about how they came to be at some of the following links:

Building the Lobster Bomb. 

Hartford Courant 

They are famous for what is known as the Lobster Bomb. 1/2 a pound of fresh lobster inside a bread bowl with your choice of lobster bisque or butter over the top. Of course I opt for the delicious Lobster Bisque.

The Lobster is so delicious, so good, so tender. It might be $40.00 for all this goodness, but take my word for it that it is so worth the cost. You do not get skimped on your Lobster.

During the summer months, the line stretches down the block. At least we can say that it is bringing business to the sleepy town of Noank, CT.

But, this Lobster Bomb is 100 percent worth it. If you ever find yourself in Connecticut, or let alone, Noank, please find a way to make it down here. You will not regret it.

I could bring this back to Asia and my trip and how staring at this Lobster Bomb is making me think about food and thus think how excited I am to travel to Asia and walk from food cart to food cart and try food at the stalls on my very own, personalized foodie tour. I am also headed to Portugal this summer, another foodies dream. I could eat my way across the globe if I so wanted.

Important things to know about Ford’s. 



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