Portugal: A Cost Breakdown

If you haven’t already heard, I am getting married. That’s right. Me. My head is spinning with things such as honeymoon planning, wedding details, cost. So much stress. How are we going to afford all this. I know the kind of wedding I would like to have, but chances are that we will not be able to afford it. Then I have to think about things like seating arrangements and décor. I have planned lots of events before, but none of them are along the lines of wedding planning.

So, to take a break from that, I figured I would post some information regarding my upcoming trip to Portugal, and give you a cost break down. Woo. There.

Roundtrip bus ticket: Hartford-NYC: $22.00

Hotel: Olaias Park Hotel-433.16/3 nights

Flight: Aer Lingus: $612.00

Lisboa Card: 72 hr-46.33

Cooking Lisbon Pastry Class: $46.33 USD

Cooking Lisbon Cooking Class: $81.00 USD

Food and Transportation: $250.00

Total Cost of Trip: $1,490.00

Cost per day of trip: $35-40 USD/per day or 35.00 (4)=$140.00

Getting by in Lisbon should be no problem if I stick closely to my budget. $35.00 per day should be easy, especially considering that I purchased the Lisboa Card.

But, again, you could easily do a trip such as this one for less. Take out those cooking classes. But, the Lisboa card for sure will save you a ton of money.



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