Best Of Hartford

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Best of Hartford. So apparently, that’s a thing. Why not? Best of Hartford is an opportunity for the public to vote on their favorite Bars and Clubs, Restaurants, Nightlife, Hobbies, Music Scene, etc. And this years Best of Hartford awards for 2018 was held recently at the Goodwin Hotel. An upscale boutique hotel in Hartford. I will say, however, that I do not necessarily agree with all of the selections.

But, the Best of Hartford is so similar to food and wine festivals if you will. Lots of samples of food were offered throughout the Goodwin.

The company was good, the food was good. Not to mention, it was great to see many of the Greater Hartford restaurants in one place.

I do, however think that the crowds at the event could have been managed much better and that they could have had more than one main bar. The bars are always popular as you would imagine.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite restaurant in Hartford?


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