Midtown Oyster Bar: A Review

Of course, while in Rhode Island, I paid a visit to the Midtown Oyster Bar. My first time at this particular in Newport.


As you can see from the image above, the first thing that I tried was smoked fish. Smoked everything basically. And I am all about smoked fish. So good, I can’t even put into words. I would smoke my own fish at home if I had a smoker. I had smoked salmon, smoked scallops, you name it, it is probably there on the plate. And it was not too salty. Rather, it was absolutely full of flavor.


The above images were from my first time trying shark. Now, I have no clue what I thought shark would taste like. I have only ever seen the animal in the water; never tried it. I guess it is still a fish like any other. Still, I cannot wrap my head around the concept of eating a shark. Why am I even complaining? When I go to Thailand, I plan to at least try and consume some of these bugs that I have been hearing so much about. I mean that is for a whole other time.

Shark tasted different than I thought it would. The waitress did a great job explaining what it would taste like. It was dense and very much had the consistency of swordfish. It was different. I ate it with an orange glaze. I had no major complaints, but I do not think I would order it again. When it comes down to it. It was simply not my cup of tea.

The service staff, however, was very great and accommodating. The food was mediocre at best. Is it worth going out of your way for? I do not think so.


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