Thailand Itinerary

Hey there. Goodness, there are still so many things that I am researching about this trip to Thailand to make it possible. Not to mention that I miss judged times. My flight is at 12:20 a.m. on a Friday. Not the most ideal time. And not to mention, that means that I need to leave at the latest, Thursday afternoon to make sure that I am in New York City and ready to catch that flight.

My biggest concern is that I will be so overwhelmed when I get there, by all the activities and all the food trucks. Knowing me, I will probably end up eating my weight in food.

In any case, I keep discovering things I would like to do, things I wish I did, things I wish I had factored into my initial plans. Goodness.

And of course, I regularly follow my favorite blogger at Migrationology. I can say that most of my intel came from his website.

One thing that I would love to do is attend the Bangkok Vegetarian Festival. Can you imagine? I have a friend who would go absolutely bananas for that. Unfortunately, it is a month before I will be heading to Bangkok. It takes place in October of 2018. Unfortunately, that will be a miss. I did, however, come across this great Thai Vegetarian Cooking Guide. 

What about trying creepy bugs? I wish I could be that brave. Surely it must be a delicacy. The Thai must go bonkers over it. But not sure if it’s for me. I can practically feel my stomach doing somersaults just thinking about it.  Seriously, have you seen any of this guys videos? I’m getting skirmish just watching.

I also plan to take Thai Cooking Classes. I found so many classes that I am interested in. Part of me wants to take one a day. But then the tours. I also have to do tours. In any case, here are some of the cooking classes that I have stumbled upon.

  1. Cooking with Poo and Friends
  2. Bai Pai
  3. Thai Home Cooking 
  4. Amita Thai Cooking

I am also eyeing the following cruises. Take myself on a romantic dinner cruise. How does that sound.

  1. Tristar Floating Restaurant
  2. Grand Pearl

I also came across some of these great experiences at Sea Life Bangkok Aquarium.

Now, I have been told that I need to take a Muay Thai Class while I’m there, so I just might.

And what about that Thai massage I’m itching for? I know they say that Thailand can be done on 30 dollars a day. With the activities I’m interested in, I truly doubt that that will be possible.


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