Instagrammable Newport, RI


  1. Views of the Newport bridge from Jamestown, RI. Peaceful, tranquil and relaxing.


2) Newport Vineyards. Newport Vineyards is one of my favorite stops every time I go to Rhode Island. The wines are delicious and the view is spectacular. There is nothing I love more than a gorgeous view. The only down side to this vineyard is that the majority of people that go there are from out of town. Newport Vineyards opens at 10 a.m.


3) Carolyn Sakonenet Vineyards. What’s nice about this is that it is more or less off the beaten path and you do not have to deal with tourists so much.


4) This gorgeous view of the lighthouse and simply being at the tip of the island of Little Compton. This lighthouse is at the southern most point, the tip of the Island. It’s a little hard to navigate to, your GPS will not take you near. You actually have to park your car and walk a little bit down a rocky pathway before getting to this gorgeous site. But believe me, it’s worth it. It is worth the view.


The above is probably one of my favorite pictures from the lighthouse and from this beach. This is truly where the locals go and hang. But truly breathtaking. One of the reasons why I went here, and was so adamant about finding this place was so that I could find incredible, amazing views and imagery.


5) Wickford Village. Okay, so this is from a restaurant in Wickford Village. Still, historic Wickford is such a quaint little town, not far from North Kingstown, RI. Cute shops and restaurants alike. This village was established in 1709.


6) Views from the Newport Cliffwalk. No matter how many times I have been to Newport, the cliff walk is always on my must see list of things to do. It is so relaxing, peaceful and calm, just listening to the sounds of the ocean, the beach, the waves crashing. Chatting with people on the trail. Looking out into the Atlantic.


8) Easton’s Beach. Easton’s Beach is rather close to the cliff walk. You can even see some of the mansions from this location. You can even check out their snack bar. They even have an aquarium on the beach.



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