On the Border: We go Mexican

So, I do have to be honest. I am not a huge Mexican Food person. As a foodie, it truly does not do a whole lot for me. I do not see many health benefits to it, and it does not wet my appetite quite like other dishes and cuisines from other countries. Maybe I do not have it spicy enough, or maybe, being here in America, everything is simply Americanized and the food caters to the average and basic American palate.

And honestly, empanadas, although huge in Mexican and Puerto Rican cooking have never exactly been my favorite thing. In the same way that I am not fond of British pies, you know what I am talking about, those kidney pies and everything. However, one of my colleagues has gotten me into eating empanadas. She makes them, every part of them, including the dough from scratch and they taste phenomenal. So that being said, it is natural that I go on empanada missions now. And, if done correctly, they are quite tasty. That dough has to be nice and crisp and golden and the filling inside needs to be seasoned well and tasty. You do not want the seasoning to be over powering or for the mixture inside to be to wet and soggy that it soaks through the dough.

Well, let’s just say that the empanadas at “On the Border” are to die for. Literally. Take a look below.

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Perfection, no? I recommend trying out these tasty treats. And I especially recommended trying them at “On the Border” if for your first time. Perhaps soon, I may share that delicious recipe that my colleague shared with me. Actually, I will do that right now. See below for the details.




Green Olives


Black Pepper

Adobo (optional because adobo is a good mixture of seasonings)

Optional: Tomato Sauce (adds even more flavor)

After stir frying the ingredients, add the ground beef until it is cooked through and no more pink remains.

For the flour, save some of the brothh from the meat, let it cool a little (or add cold water, but not too much) and add a little adobo. This will give the flour a nice flavor as well.

Make little circles and after filling the meat mixture in, press it around with a fork so that the empanadas stay together and fry in hot oil that has been poured into the pan.

Let me know what you guys think.

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