Black Travel Instagrams You Must Follow


Black Travel Feed features amazing images from travel bloggers, influencers and melanin across the globe. It’s a colorful Instagram account that might contribute to your FOMO.


Black Tokyo is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. You can even submit stories to his site or listen to his Podcasts.


Black Guide Travel focuses on blacks in travel and shows that we can too travel and that we do travel and that we need to be more visible.


Mr. Travel goals runs multiple Instagram travel accounts and his own website. He supports blacks, all type of melanin in travel and makes sure to feature them on his various accounts. He even runs tours. You can check out the Black Travel Fest here.


Black Families features black families traveling.


Black Girls Travel too features black and melanin women in travel.


Black and Abroad features blacks in travel and even runs a website where you can submit stories about your travel experiences, or even shop Black and Abroad, because we do travel and we do go abroad. There should never be this notion that blacks do not travel. We need to make ourselves more visible. They are a great travel collective that unites black travelers.


This is just inspiring, because, after said lady above became a widow, she packed up and traveled the world.


Travelista Ami, much like myself has a 9-5 job. She inspirers 9-5ers to make the most of their vacation time. Much like Ami, I, myself have a 9-5 job. I work to avoid getting sick, rack up vacation days, travel and still make the most of life and adventure and getting out there and seeing the world.

Honorable Mentions:

Spirited Pursuit 
Rachel Travels
The Mom Trotter: Shows that you can have kids and still enjoy the travel life.
Oneika The Traveler
The Blog Abroad
Passports and Grub
Passports and Sangria
Black Passport Stamps

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