Key Phrases To Know For Your Trip To Italy Part 1

Ciao: Hello/Goodbye

Andiamo: Let’s go/we go

Basta!: Enough

Come stai: How are you?

Come va: How is it going?/ How are you doing?

Vorrei: I would like

Parli….?:Do you speak?

Parlo italiano: I speak Italian

Dov’e: Where is?

Dov’e il bano: Where is the bathroom?

Preferisco: I prefer

Per me: For me


Un biscotto al cioccolato: A chocolate cookie

Bevo latte: I drink milk

Una tazza: A cup

Per favore: Please

Grazie: Thank you

Grazie Mille: Thank you very much

Un caffe per favore: A coffee please

Il Vino: The wine

La birra: The beer

Il contto: the bill

Camiera: The waitress

Camiere: Waiter



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