Visiting Portugal? Try the Lisboa Card


Heading to Lisbon anytime soon? The Lisboa CardLisboa Card would be perfect. I purchased it for my trip to Lisbon and I could not be more thrilled with that purchase. You can get the card for 24, 48 or 72 hours. Those are the perfect lengths of time for any trip, at least to see the main sights in Portugal.

The Lisboa Card offers many benefits. The benefits include:

  • Free Travel on the metro, bus, tram and elevators
  • Free guidebook
  • Free entry to some of the city’s best museums and other attractions
  • Free day trips to Sintra and Cascais

This is so convenient and there is truly nothing better than this 3 in 1 pass.

This card is flexible towards any type of trip and is worth the money, every cent. I love cities that offer things like this. Check out London’s Oyster card here. Not to mention it is budget efficient and will help give you a lay of the land on your visit to Lisbon.


Lisboa Card 

Lisboa Tram

Lisboa Metro: My favorite thing about the Metro is that it is practically the same in every country.

Palacio Nacional da Ajuda

Tram 28 (because, well Tram 28)

Castillo Sao Jorge

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