Rooftop 120: A Lounge in Connecticut

So, I had to. I just had to. There is a rooftop lounge in Connecticut that was calling my name. And, I was inspired by all the research and reading that I did on the rooftop bars and lounges in Thailand and Portugal where I will be visiting in the next few months.

So, I decided to visit a rooftop bar in my homes state of Connecticut, Rooftop 120. They are located in Glastonbury, on the 3rd floor. And actually, they are in an ideal location with quite a few other restaurants. However, the view is absolutely awful, on both sides. Not exactly something that I would want to look at while sipping on a glass of wine or any other drink. My view was simply at the parking lot. I got to watch cars coming in and out and watch people struggle to find a parking spot, but on the third floor, you don’t really see much, and Glastonbury is not a city with high rise buildings, so their truly is nothing exciting to look forward to there.


The food that I did have was pretty fantastic. I am a huge fan of oysters, so I made sure to order a few of those. And, I ordered the honey chipotle wings and had an orange bloody mary to drink. Nothing short of amazing on the food and drink side of things.

And I lucked out and had gorgeous weather the day that I decided to go.

If anything, head to Rooftop 120 for the food, the drinks and the overall atmosphere, not the view.


Rooftop 120


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