Artisan Restaurant: A Review

In one word: Deplorable. I have been two the Artisan twice, and I have had a less than stellar experience both times.

A picture of the food that my mother and I ate is below. For the appetizer, I ordered the Duck Phyllo. Let me just say that there was so much wrong with that alone.

For starters, duck phyllo? Really? That is a problem in and of itself. Duck should never be in a phyllo dough. Duck is too heavy and too fatty to be in phyllo dough. The dough was soggy, either because the duck was moist that it caused the dough to eventually become soggy, or because the dough sat on a sauce. Why? What’s the point in anything being in phyllo dough if you are going to ruin it with a sauce?

To add, there were three potatoes on the plate, that were not cooked through all the way, and were not symmetrical and did not even add anything to the dish. So why were they there? What purpose did the potatoes serve to this dish? They did not elevate the dish in any way, shape or form.

Oh, and let’s not forget that along with the duck, inside the phyllo, there were also almonds and raisins. What???? That makes no sense. None of those things go together or add anything to the dish. It did not do anything for me. I am not a food critic by any means. But, as someone who is a major foodie, and loves to eat and eat a lot, I know good food. I travel long and far for good food. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I know what is good and what is not good. Now, maybe I just ordered the wrong thing or the chef was off their game tonight, but I was not thrilled.

The entire time I simply pictured Gordon Ramsey and all of the things that he would say about the dish. It is so confusing, the idea was poorly executed, and there is too much going on on the plate. And he would be right. The flavors on the plate did little to complement one another.

To add, both my mother and I received our plates at luke warm temperature, not hot. It was truly disappointing. Of all the dishes of the evening, the best dish was my mothers grilled octopus.

The manager did comp my meal, but did not come over and ask what was wrong with the dish. I mean, so much was wrong with my appetizer and entree. Take my entree for instance. Why on Earth was my fish skin side up? Why did I have to keep taking bones out of my mouth. Gordon Ramsey would have something to say about that. Right, Chef? My entree, the broth was simply too thick and too salty and almost reminded me of a New Orleans gumbo.

For the price of the meals, you think that we would have gotten something a little bit more eatable.

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Do not let the pictures fool you!!

They are prettier than they taste.

I do not recommend Artisan to anyone.


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