Top Travel Groups You Must Try

Sometimes it is great to travel in a group. You can meet many different kinds of people, get benefits, such as getting into certain sites that might initially be relatively difficult to get into, and when booking through a travel group, they do all of the planning for you, from the ground up and create your itinerary. This is probably my favorite thing-is that they take away the hassle and the worries. Sometimes it’s nice to not to have to think or plan or deal with the logistics of stuff. Not that I normally mind, but it is nice to not have those worries weighing on your shoulder. It gives you more time to enjoy your trip. As such, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be some great travel groups that you should consider booking through.

  1. Gate 1 Travel 
    This group is great. I have booked through Gate 1 three times. I have visited Italy, Iceland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia through Gate 1. The tour guides are absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful. They are so knowledgeable and make you feel at home in their countries. Depending on where you opt to go they cater to the traveler in you, whether or not you are interested in the food and wine of a location, the culture, the art and the history. There is something for everyone. They let you know what your package includes, offer dates and prices, provide sample itineraries and provide optional tours. Here is an example from the 8 day affordable Portugal. What’s great is that they even offer meals and offer time that you can explore on your own. On the multiple country tours, they sort of give you a lay of the land and a little taste of each location. There are some tours that I have been on with them that leave me wanting more and wanting to see more of the country. Two of the places that I fell in love with on a Gate 1 Tour are Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I have every plan in the world to return to those two locations.
  2. Another great group is Intrepid Travel. My father used this one on his trip to Morocco. They have an array of destinations and are great when it comes to immersion. For instance, my father did a week walking with the Berber nomads. People always inquire where I get my sense of adventure from, it’s safe to say that that is 100% from my father. He has taught me how to truly live and embrace life. They even offer great deals. To view all Morocco trips, as well as other trips offered by Intrepid Travel, click here. I mean, these trips are amazing and designed to truly immerse.

For more, click here.

Is there anything I forgot to mention? Anything you suggest? Comment below and let me know.


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