Top Cultural Immersion Programs

  1. Interexchange
    Interexchange is a fantastic program. They pride their-selves on offering a unique cultural immersion program. They offer the opportunities to travel abroad as an Au Pair (something I wish I had done when I was just out of college), camp, work and travel, teach English, or learn various languages overseas. Their teaching programs can be both paid or non paid. Still, even for the non-paid positions, there are some benefits. For instance, when I taught English in Italy, while I was not paid, I received room and board for free. InterExchange also offers plenty of support before, during and after your stay overseas.
  2. CIEE
    CIEE is another great program. Think of the world as being your classroom. They offer teaching programs as well as work study and internships. They even offer programs for High School students. Some of the countries where they offer teaching programs include: Thailand, Spain, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Morocco, South Korea and Portugal to name a few. Some of their programs, such as the Teach English in Spain-immersion are offered for shorter lengths of time, if you wanted to get an immersion experience while on vacation. For a full list of the different programs and offerings, click here.
  3. Bridge TEFL
    Bridge TEFL offers the TEFL certificate, as well as teach abroad programs. You can even visit the TEFL job board for job placements and upcoming job opportunities.
  4. WorldTeach
    This organization offers great programs for the year, semester, or even just for the summer. So where do you want to be? For some countries and programs, you can help countries meet their goals and see developmental countries first hand. However, WorldTeach does not pay and is volunteer based. It is probably the most similar to the PeaceCorps. For funding opportunities for the program, click here.
  5. WorkAway
    This is one of the best things known to man. It is especially great for short term opportunities, those looking for a brief sabbatical, or those looking to work their way through a country. Typically, a work awayer will help out for a few hours a day in exchange for food and/or a place to stay. Great deal if you ask me!
  6. Greenheart Travel 
    Greenheart Travel offers programs to teens and adults. I know, for instance, if I ever do have kids, I want them to have as many travel opportunities as they can and immerse them as much as they can. I would likely put them in a program such as the Greenheart one. Everyone deserves to have that experience at least once in their life. Some of the programs they offer to adults include homestays. Some locations of some of their homestays are in the following areas; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, France and Russia to name a few.
  7. EF Ultimate Break
    This is an exceptional program for the youth between the ages of 18 and 29. Of course the majority of people on the trips are under the age of 26. This program provides a great opportunity to meet and travel with people close to your age group.
  8. English First
    It’s true that having some overseas experience will make you stand out in the job pool.
  9. Studentessa Matta
    Founder of Studentessa Matta, Melissa offers various homestays throughout the year in Italy.
  10. JET
    This program needs no description. It will be the experience of a lifetime.



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