Zohara: A restaurant review


ZOHARA! A Mediterranean kitchen in West Hartford. The service-the waiters and waitresses that work there are mediocre at best. The decor does not resemble, not even slightly anything from the Middle East or Mediterranean region.

However, the food is out of this world. I have been to this restaurant on multiple occasions and have yet to meat a meal that I disliked. The chef does a brilliant job of layering the flavors and getting those nice round and robust flavors to come out. The food is beautifully plated and the plates are absolutely colorful. After all, you eat with your eyes first.

The hummus, oh the hummus. I love hummus, so let me lead with that. But they make the hummus from scratch. I have never tasted anything so good in my entire life. I could literally sit there with a spoon and eat the hummus by the spoonfuls. Not to mention, hummus is one of the healthiest things you could eat. And, as someone who has adopted the Mediterranean diet, hummus is one of the healthiest things that you could eat.

And the duck wings (pictured above) are the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. The only thing I have to say regarding that dish is that it could have done without the french fried onions on top.

And take a look at that shrimp dish above. The shrimp was so tender and perfectly grilled, and they did not skimp on the amount of shrimp they put on the plate. The perfect balance of seafood and vegetables. A classic Mediterranean dish right there. I can keep on returning to Zohara as long as they keep on putting out dishes like this.

They have a 4.5 star review on Google reviews and are loved on YELP.




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