48 Hours in Montreal!!

I love Montreal! It is one of my favorite places to visit. It is close, many people speak English, and it makes for a great weekend trip. I just came back from spending the weekend in Montreal. The last time I was in Montreal must have been over 15 years ago. I was 12 I think, or somewhere around that age. So it was great to return and see the place with grown up eyes. Being that I was there for the weekend, a mere 48 hours, here are some of my top things to do when you just have the weekend.

  1. Wander around Old Port
    Old Port, Montreal is absolutely fabulous. It is a great place to walk, to walk your dog, to sit along the waterfront, to ride your bike, to go on the zip lines or climb to the top of the Clock  Tower. You can even do the pirate ropes course, check out the marketplace, head to the Science Center or the IMAX, or eat at the various vendors and food trucks along the Waterfront. This port has been used as early as 1611.

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    2. Visit Chinatown
    No trip to a large metropolitan area is complete without a trip to Chinatown. I should warn that this area is flooded with tourists. However, there is lots of good food in Chinatown. You can go shopping, or eat at the many restaurants that line the streets, or try the various dumplings and dim sum that are available.
    IMG-1692 (1)
    Just look at the face on that Hello Kitty dumpling. Mine was filled with custard.

3. Try the Poutine
I am about to get real with you here. Poutine is the most amazing thing that I have ever had in my life. Poutine is made with french fries, gravy, cheese curds and your choice of meat. It is truly like heaven on Earth. The dish originated in the Quebec province of Canada around the late 1950’s. You can practically scour the internet for Poutine recipes.

4. Visit the marketplaces
Montreal is full of marketplaces and a trip to Montreal is not complete without a trip to the Marketplace. Their are two really famous marketplaces in Montreal. The first is Atwater Market. The market is located near the Lachine Canal. They sell thousands of flowers, and their are plenty of eateries around. The second popular market is Jean Talon. The Jean Talon market is significantly bigger than the Atwater market. It includes every type of vendor under the sun, from fresh seafood to fresh fruits and vegetables to cheese curds for you to try your hands at making your very own poutine. The one thing I will warn against, at least at jean-Talon is that when samples of fruit or anything are put out, individuals to that market have the tendency to not use tongues and to dip their hands right in the plate or the bowl for their free sample. That was enough for me to roll my eyes and not want any samples. Especially considering that those vendors did not say anything about this to those individuals.

5. Wander along Saint Catherine Street in Montreal
Saint Catherine street is one of the main streets in Montreal. It is filled with stores and restaurants, including, one of my favorite breakfast and brunch spots, Eggspectation.

6. Eat!! And I mean, eat your way through Montreal.
Okay, so it is not quite France, but it is like mini France. There is an abundance of great restaurants in Montreal and I urge you to try them. There is something for every foodie out there.

Is there anything you suggest? Anything that I am forgetting to add that you could do in 48 hours in Montreal? Send me a message and let me know.


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