Gouveia Vineyards: A Review

pic 5

Gouveia Vineyards is one of my favorite vineyards in Connecticut, of all the vineyards that I have visited. It is in large part because of the scenery, the ambiance, and of course the great wine. But this picture above was taken at Gouveia. This is the countryside, the rolling Connecticut Hills and the beautiful blue skies. Can you just imagine during fall foliage how pretty that would be?

At the tasting, I tried four wines (plus one of my choosing).

Chardonnay Steele: This was my first wine. Now, I am not a huge white wine person, and in fact, some white wines give me a headache. But this one was pretty good. It was dry and fruity and smooth. I like smooth wines that are not overpowering.

Traminette: This wine was composed of their 2015 and 2016 grapes and had a light honey flavor to it. I quite liked that one. It was not too sweet for my taste and they balanced the flavor rather nicely.

Cabernet: This Cabernet had a little bit of a bite to it and was one of their newer wines. It was a sweeter red and had some nutty notes.

Zinfandel: The last wine I tasted was a zinfandel. It was a single varietal of Estate grown and grapes sourced from California. I am not really a Zin person, and this was no exception. This wine, to me was a bit more accidic. I do, however, think that it would pair nicely with a fatty meat, like a good red meat, filet mignon, or even some sharp cheeses.

pic 3pic 2

The vineyard is part of the Connecticut Wine Trail.

pic 4

Another thing that I adore about this vineyard is the interior. Just look at that style, the chairs, the classic wood. It almost gives the style as if it were a pub.

Pic 6

And of course, no wine is complete without a meat and cheese platter. The platter included olives and prosciutto.

pic 7

I took this picture because I wanted to capture the scenery and my love of wine. I thought the lights and the shadow complimented each other and contrasted rather nicely. Even though it is not somewhere fancy like France or Italy or Greece, it still gives that sense as if it were.

Pic 8

Here is another image that I could not resist taking. I think my skin tone works really well against the backdrop and the lighting and the scenery here.



Connecticut Wine Trail


Photoshop Lightroom CC


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