My Choice of Top Eateries in Boston

I spent the better half of my formative years, or later formative years I should say living in Boston. I love Boston. There is so much history and culture there. I would move back if I could. I would give anything to live in Boston again. I spent four years at University there, and I got to spend those four years learning and exploring the city of Boston. And, while there I stumbled upon some places that I am now officially obsessed with and swear by and will speak on to anybody who asks.

  1. Number 1 is Mike’s Pastry. Mike’s Pastry, located in the North End (Italian section) of Boston has been around since 1946. For more on the background and history of Mike’s Pastry, you can visit here. My favorite thing to order at Mike’s is actually not the canoli, but the creme brule. They make vanilla and chocolate, and they are the most creamy, most delicious thing that you will ever taste this side of New England.
  2. Tasty Burger
    Goodness, I remember the first ever burger that I had from here. So moist, so juicy that I could have sworn up and down that they were doing something different with the meat or that the meat was somehow cooked differently or seasoned differently.
  3. Boloco. OMG! Chipotle is nothing compared to Boloco. Plus, Boloco is extremely affordable for the college student.
  4. Clear Flour Bread. Homemade bread. Does it get any better than that? Clear Flour specializes in making the authentic breads of Italy and France. And their breads are everything. You walk in and you can see them baking the bread from scratch and you can smell the fresh aroma of fresh baked artisan bread.
  5. Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese. They started out as a food truck and have since upgraded to a store front and have their own restaurant space now. I remember, the first time I had one of their grilled cheese sandwiches, it was a mac and cheese grilled cheese. It sounded like the most disgusting thing that I could ever put in my mouth, but honestly, it was one of the best. While they no longer carry that sandwich, it is worth remembering.
  6. Kings Back Bay. Bowling. Pool. It’s all great, but let’s talk about the food and drinks. That is what I really want to talk about. Kings Back Bay has the most amazing chicken lolipops and two drinks that are to die for. They have the Poprocktini which essentially is a mixed drink with poprocks instead of sugar or salt around the rim, so every time you take a sip, your mouth bursts with the flavor of the pop rocks. They also make a gummy bear-tini that is a mixed drink that has gummy bears at the bottom instead of olives. It is literally everything.
  7. Japonaise. Last, but not least. I actually paid a visit to this place after they were featured on the food network. All the desserts are so soft, so sweet and so luscious. They offer a variety of traditional breads, cakes, pastries and various other sweets.

The best part of all of the above is that they are all budget friendly.

Do you have a favorite place in Boston that is not mentioned here? Drop me a line and you could see it turn up in a future post.


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