Scene Art Bar: A Review

Social paint nights seem to be popping up left and right. I am not sure how lucrative they will be in the future, but, I still like the idea.

Now, I am not much of a painter. In fact, I do not have an artistic bone in my body.  I can barely even draw stick figures. Still, I decided to try my hand at one of these Social Paint Nights. Can’t argue with some paint and some wine, am I right?

So, I decided to head out to Farmington, Connecticut to a place called Scene Art Bar. Scene Art Bar is tucked away in the Unionville section of Farmington. It’s relatively easy to get to from I-84. The only downside, is that once you get off the exit that takes you to the art bar, it becomes one lane, and that one lane is backed up for what feels to be an hour. No matter what time of day you go, that lane is backed up for all of eternity.

The owner of the bar, April is an absolutely lovely lady. One of the kindest people that you will ever meet in your life.

The studio itself has past paintings lining the walls. The paint brushes, smocks, water, and canvases are all set up and ready to be used by the guests when they come in, and the staff is friendly and the place is relatively hassle free.

Below are various images of the painting that we were guided through on my visit to Scene Art Bar.


You see, no artistic talent whatsoever, Still, that days instructor was so kind and so patient and so uplifting. I mean, she did a great job explaining everything from how to mix the colors to how to do delicate brush strokes, to how to correct errors, to how to make the paint last longer.

I went to this event by myself, which was great because it provided me with the opportunity to meet other people. Scene Art Bar has a very small studio and a very small community, which means more one on one instruction and a more intimate setting. That is one of my favorite things about them.

Social Paint Nights are great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, mothers day gifts and even date nights.


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