What Hang Gliding Is Really Like


I know, alright. I have written so many posts on Hang Gliding. I do not have enough positive things to say about the experience.

However, if you are wondering what it’s like to hang glide, I can tell you here. It is not at all like you might imagine. I remember being strapped into that harness and holding onto the side handles. My heart was not racing as much as I thought it might. My emotions were a mix of thrill and excitement and terror. Nevertheless, you still see me smile from time to time in the photographs and videos from the day.

As the plane that was pulling us took off, I was of course a little bit uneasy. I mean, who knows the last time that that plane had been checked by the FAA? For real. It seemed so fragile, and I did not want that plane to come crashing down. I practically saw it shaking in the wind. Still, I never had thoughts going through my head of “what could go wrong?” “Will I be okay?” “What if the plane crashes?” “I hope these guys know what they are doing.” They are certified after all.

As the plane took off, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. In fact, my attention quickly turned from uneasiness to breathlessness. I tried to smile, in between occasional screams and occasional yelps, still, the wind was racing past so quickly as we flew through. The wind was so noisy, all I heard was the wind surrounding the wings. It sounded as if it were a kite in the air. You know, there was never this sensation of falling, the wind just did its job.

There was nothing like it. The views were incredible. A real birds eye view. That is the closest to flying like a bird that you will ever come. That is the best that I can come to explaining that feeling. I mean, the senses do get heightened somewhat. It was a very different experience than anything that I am used to. I did get slightly dizzy. They tell you not to look down, but of course, when someone tells you not to look down, that is absolutely the first thing that you do. Everyone has their own unique experiences.

So should you try hang gliding? You absolutely should. I promise that you will not regret it.


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