The Five Stages of Hang Gliding


  1. Sure, I’d do that. For years I have talked about wanting to go hang gliding. Of course, growing up where I did, in Connecticut, there is not a single hang gliding place. I would have to drive an hour and a half to two hours to find some place decent. It always looked so cool, so fascinating, to be gliding up there like the birds and have a birds eye view of the Earth below.
  2. Am I really going to do this? After you have signed the waiver and slightly questioned your sanity, as well as why exactly you need to sign a waiver like that, you find yourself tethered to another human being, inside your harness, ready to take off and thinking to yourself, “What was I thinking?” “What have I gotten myself into?” “Am I really going to do this?” “What if this is the last thing I ever do?”
  3. When was the last time this plane was regulated and is it FAA approved? Then, as you hang there, attached to the line, connected to the airplane in front of you, as you prepare for take off, you look at that wobbly plane and wonder if the last time it was FAA approved or maintained was during the Clinton administration. Seriously, can this plane even support the weight of the hang glider?
  4. OMG!! That feeling when the plane separates from the hang glider and you are truly flying like a bird. It’s a bit scary and a bit unusual. It is such a different feeling. You are not quite sure what to think here. You are just hearing the wind rush through and tasting flight.
  5. Fuck yes! I can’t believe I did that. And by the time you land, you are on the ultimate high. You feel like an adrenaline junkie. And you are also thrilled that you survived and were not sucked from the glider, plummeting to an almost certain 2,000 foot drop death. Would anyone ever survive that?

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