Where Should Shay Mitchell Take Her Next Shaycation?

Well any thoughts? Suggestions? She seems to just be going everywhere, doesn’t she? You may remember a post that I did a little while ago in which I pulled and discussed my top favorite Shaycation images. Images that inspired me to travel more and increase the amount of travel in my life.

She makes me want to experience more and become a more cultured person. Plus, she looks like she is having a fucking good time. Next to watching TED talks, I spend the rest of my time reading about travel, thinking about travel, coming up with ways to get rich fast and watching Shaycation videos. It almost seems as if she has been everywhere. I just wish that she had a blog or a travel website, something other than Instagram and YouTube where I could get my travel fix.

Well, she has been to Greece, Morrocco, China, Indonesia….actually, with all that traveling, when is she spending time going on auditions or even acting more. Every week it seems as if she is jetting off to a new place.

Well, my question to you guys is…where should Shay Mitchell film her next Shaycation.

I do not think that I have seen her do one from down under yet. I would love to see her go to Australia as she works her way down that bucketlist.

What about you? Where do you think Shay should take her next vacation.


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