Top Shaycation Photos that Inspire Me (and will inspire you to travel)

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For those of you who know me and who know me well, you know that I am a huge fan of the television show, Pretty Little Liars, and I am more than ecstatic about its spin off series. I need something to watch and to sink my teeth into, aside from just a good book.

Well then, you must also know that I am a huge fan of Shay Mitchell and her work and travels and practically follow her Shaycations religiously. I also think she is the most beautiful creature to ever grace this Earth, and should totally be voted in Maxim. Her long hair, her legs, her skin tone. And this is all coming from a completely straight person. But seriously, does anybody really just wake up looking like that? Come on. I don’t even wear makeup and she has me wanting to try out her makeup tips and suggestions.

Anyways, so many of her photos inspire me to travel and show places that I truly wish that I could see or would like to go to or be able to see. As such, I wanted to share some of my favorite Shaycation Shay Mitchell pictures that I think are the best and inspire me and hopefully you as well. The above images are not mine, but pulled from Shay Mitchell’s Instagram account.

Of all the places that she has visited, I think the two, at least based on the images that I would most like to visit are Turkey (inspite of its current climate) and Greece. I have wanted to go to Greece for so long, but it has been so challenging to find reasonable flights to get there. This might be one of those trips that takes quite the amount of precision when it comes to planning it. Also, she makes Shanghai look quite interesting. I swear, everytime I look up Shay Mitchell is traveling somewhere new and exotic on her time off and I could not be more jealous.

Her Downtown LA video is inspiring me to want to explore my own town. I have lived here for so long in Connecticut, that do I even really know what is in Connecticut anymore? The whole in the wall places? The farm dinners? The farmers markets? Perhaps, when the weather gets warmer, I will have to explore a bit.

What about you? Are there any places that Shay Mitchell has gone that you are dying to go to? Leave me a comment below and let me know.


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