Paddlefish @ Disney Springs: A Review

Paddlefish restaurant in Disney Springs. I had been hearing about how good the food was. So, of course when I was walking about Disney Springs, I thought it only fitting to try the food.

I headed over to Paddlefish, a lovely restaurant located right on the water, on a large boat in Disney Springs. The view was amazing, the food was delicious, and my server was excellent, friendly, warm and delightful.

I started my meal with the Lobster Corn Dogs. Not as strange and as gross as you might think. In fact, my server had recommended it. He said it was not like typical corn dogs that you would think of. Rather, they were pieces of lobster that were lightly breaded.


It came with a side of coleslaw. My only suggestion on the coleslaw was more mayonnaise; but that simply comes down to personal preference.


Scallops were my entree. I absolutely love scallops. But scallops are so delicate. If they are not done correctly, they can come out rubbery. But these were excellent. They are perfectly golden brown, they rested well on a bed of cauliflower puree and with some pan roasted asparagus. Such a simple dish, yet it blended so well together.


So, overall, in spite of the rain that day, my experience at Paddlefish was absolutely pleasurable.

Restaurant Rating: 5 Stars




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